Summer vibes with Annemarie

How are you making the most of the summer during corona? With social distancing rules relaxed in the part of Germany I’m currently at, and the weather bringing us 30 degree sunburn on several days in a row – it’s the time to go out. It’s time to meet people I’ve never met before and take photos 2m apart from each other.

One fine morning in June I found myself around the pretty Aasee in Münster, Germany. I was a bit gloomy, but we were lucky enough to not run into any rain during our shooting. The mood was: summer vibes. Chilled portraits, floaty lines.

What I find most important during portrait shootings, especially with people who are not full time models, is to capture natural movement and emotions. The same applied when I shot with Annemarie. Annemarie had had shootings before, and because she sings and plays and weddings and events she is used to being the center of attention. The thing with portrait photography though is that it’s just you. Totally exposed you. And I always draw back to my own feelings when having my photo taken when you just don’t really know what to do, especially with my hands. Movement helps ease this, because you suddenly find yourself in your natural way of using your hands.

On our early morning shoots (I say early, it was 10 am) we were lucky enough to be basically alone in the part around the Aasee where we shot which is great when you want to include more of the surroundings. It not only gives you the option to walk around and get different angles, it also gives your model the option to walk around. Despite it being a Juni morning, it was cloudy and not overly sunny, which I always love for portrait shootings. It gives you a soft, even light. You don’t have to battle harsh shadows as much and it’s also easier for your model to look around or look at you without having to squint.

As you can see, we went for different outfits which led to different vibes in the photos, using a bold red coat in a few as well as simple shirt and jeans in others. It’s always great to see how a different outfit can change the whole feel of a portrait. The main one however was the dreamy, summer vibe we went for using a simple white top and a floaty, mint skirt. Especially in natural surroundings, I love using plain outfit pieces and play around with structure and materials rather than funky patterns. The skirt Annemarie brought not only fit in nicely with the tones of the field, but also offered ease and lightness in the movement.

Thank you Annemarie for the fun portrait session.
It definitely inspired me to look out for more natural spots in and around London every now and then and not just rely on the cool, urban, city vibe.

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