Couple photography, couple session, engagement session, anniversary session – these are all different labels for capturing couples in different stages of life but essentially it’s all about capturing love and connection. You don’t have to wait for the next big event to have some beautiful images captured with your favourite person. Being in love today is a good enough reason.

Couple sessions are so fun and exciting! There is no time pressure like there often is on the wedding day, where we normally only get a short window of time for couple portraits. This means that we can get more adventurous and find the perfect location that will suit your personalities and showcase your relationship.

We can go anywhere you want for your couple photo shoot. I am happy to offer suggestions if it is an area that I am familiar with. I’m also equally happy to travel and research potential locations for you as well.

A coffee date in the city? Picnic on the beach? Hiking up a mountain? Yes, yes and yes! I’d love to find out how you two spend your free time and what your dream couple photography session would look like.

Connection is key.

I like to shoot in a down to earth way. I want images that are really natural. I choose gentle direction as opposed to lots of heavy instruction.  I want my clients to be themselves, look fantastic and enjoy the process.  I’m not a fan of pictures where you see the photographer in the images more than you do the couple. I want my images to show the two of you having a wonderful time in London; not lots of fake posing and set ups.

I want your photos to reflect your personalities so it’s a good idea to choose a location that has meaning or relevance to you as a couple. It could be somewhere you went on a first date, a place you like to visit together or the location you live.

If you are looking for an engagement photographer and you are interested to have a couple photo shoot in London don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to create beautiful photos for you that stay with you forever.

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