Behind the curtain

what the audiences don't see

REBECCA HOODLESS getting ready for the show

Its not just what YOU see that is part of a theatre performance…

Inspired by colleagues and their thrive of putting on their own show and getting to see them work on and off stage, as well as discovering that most imagery of theatre productions obviously focus on what is actually happening in from of the audiences eyes (as that’s what they market), I started this project.

As someone who has never had an aspiration to actually be on a stage myself, but someone who loves theatre, I am very interested in what goes on to put on a production. I love all things technical, I would like to know what the stage management is up to, what lighting cue is the favourite for the crew or what scene change causes the biggest headache. I want to know how a performer prepares for a performance or how they spend their time off stage once the curtain is up. I want to know what life is like on the other stage of that curtain. And I am sure that there are many other people around who’d be just as interested. 

Is going to be an ongoing thing, growing and developing as I go.

This is not an assignment. This is not a paid documentary. This is a personal project to shine a light on everything that happens “behind the curtain” and I hope one person or another will allow me to follow them with my camera to tell their story.