Portraits Prices & Infos

A great portrait photograph provides a deeper insight into the subject in front of the lens. The most famous studies all exude a sense of the colour and light while being composed in a way that brings the person to life.

A portrait photograph shouldn’t be a static image that has no personality, a mere expression of lines and angles. With all memorable portraits, there is a collaboration between the sitter and the photographer and the aim should be to ‘unleash’ what isn’t said. It may be defined by the lighting on the face, a glint in the eye, a certain sense of reflection or even anger but there is usually some central component of any strong portrait photograph that defines it more than anything else.

Whether you want a portrait session just for fun, or you are a model needing new portfolio images, or an actor needing new head-shots, I can help you. I like to take natural portraits with a sense of fun, and love finding new locations in which to shoot. I work as a portrait photographer in London primarily, but if you want me to travel elsewhere, just ask!

Who is this session for?

It is for everybody. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a blogger, an artist, a mum returning to work, a full time employee, a business-owner, or would just like some professional photos for yourself. I also offer branding and business photo sessions for companies and small teams.

Where do we shoot?

The photo shoot can take place in your office, at your home, or simply outdoors. We will find the best place for to you to show how brilliant you really are. I work only with natural light to get natural, relaxed and fresh look. It could be a place next to a big window, a coffee shop, roof, riverside or some cityscapes in the background, or just a piece of a brick wall with an interesting texture or an open field just before sunset. Everything depends on how you want to present yourself in the pictures and what you want to express.

My style and post-editing

I do believe in true, good looking, and natural pictures of you. I want to help you express the best version of yourself. While editing portraits, I focus mostly on colours and light. If needed, I might very delicately apply some skin smoothing, remove some spots and marks. I try to keep my pictures are as natural as they can be.

What kind of sessions do you do?

My sessions are for everyone, and so each photoshoot is tailored to what you want the end result to be. That could be traditional posed portraits for your professional portfolio, lifestyle portraits for example in your home or on a day out, environmental portraits showcasing your job or workplace like a yoga studio or a dance session or conceptual portraits depicting your vision. Portraits don’t have to be of a single person either. Group, family and couple sessions are just as popular as solo sessions.

My sessions are usually done on location, which means in your office/place of work, at your home or simply outside. If you require a studio, this can be arranged at additional cost.

What do you get?

A 1 hour photography session with me either at your home, or in a favourite outdoor location.

An online gallery to view approximately 60-100 beautiful images from the session

Session Fee: £75

(payable at time of booking)

Then you select your image package once you have seen your gallery.

10 high resolution digital images £175

20 high resolution digital images £225

All of the images £350

The booking tool down below is for standard 1 hour sessions only. If your project requires a longer session, please get in touch here with as many details as possible and I’ll offer a tailored price for your needs.